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District Presentations 2014-15

Leveraging Excellence in Leadership Fall Administrators Retreat 2014

Summer 2014 Administrator Retreat

Leaders of Learning 2014 Administrator Retreat Wiki

Fall 2013 Administrator Retreat

Leadership Retreat Wiki

Curriculum Coaches and Lead Teacher Training:

Evidence/Impact Session on 11-14-2012

Purposeful Coaching (12/12)

Essential Questions 1/16/2013
Essential Questions for Purposeful Leadership (A presentation at Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement 2013)

Response to Instruction

The Common Core: A Foundation for the RTI Framework
National Center for Intensive Interventions

February 19, 2014

Why Measure Student Learning?

Transformation Information

District and School Transformation

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ELA Common Core Elements and Math Presentations Presented by Kewanda Merritt, LaTonya McNeill, and Connie Locklear

Common Core



District Presentations 2013-14

Prospect Elementary Retreat Fall 2013

Classroom Rigor

Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards from CGCS Video Maker on Vimeo.


District Presentations 2012-13

Magnolia Elementary School
Parkton Elementary Retreat
Union Chapel

K-5--Magnolia, St. Pauls, Piney Grove, Union Elementary, Rosenwald, and JC Hargrave


Summer 2013 Administrative Retreat

Collaboration Tools

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Content Resources
Retreat Ppt Chapters 1, 2, 6
Putting Faces on Data-Finding Common Ground
Breakthrough Puzzle Template
Rasinski Resources
Idioms Giggle Poetry American Rhetoric (Speeches) Word ladder Tool


Fall 2012 Administrative Retreat


Sharpen the Saw